Cuisine: "Italian"

Fettucine Alfredo

Category: Main Dish  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Family, Holidays, Household, Quick & Easy, Restaurants

Deliciously cheesy & creamy pasta dish!

Better than Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce

Category: Sauces and marinades  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Creamy parmesan sauce perfect served over your favorite pasta.

Parmesan Thyme Crisps

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Gluten-Free, Large groups, Make-Ahead, Party, Quick & Easy

Crispy cheese wafers made from grated Parmesan and fresh thyme.

Baked Mozzarella and Tomato Basil Antipasti

Category: Hot dips  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Party, Quick & Easy

Baked pasta sauce with garlic and mozzarella served with toasted baguette.

Mezzi Rigatoni with Butternut Squash and Spicy Sausage

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: Italian

A delicious meal by Giada De Laurentiis using only 5 ingredients and ready for dinner in no time.

Italian Pasta Bake

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Fresh tomatoes add a nice touch to this pasta bake dish.

The Best Pizza Made at Home

Category: Pizza  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

The best dough recipe I have found, and no waiting for the dough to rise.

Caprese Pasta Salad

Category: Cold Dips  /  Cuisine: Italian

This perfect combination of ingredients is great as an appetizer or a salad.

Pizza Dough

Category: Pizza  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Family, Kid-Friendly

Start with a great crust at home.

Spinach Pasta Toss

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: Italian

Toss spinach, tomatoes, cheese and penne pasta for spinach pasta.