Cuisine: "German"

Ricotta Thyme Spaetzel (Grandma G’s Version)

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: German

From Janet’s Cookbook: ”The ricotta makes the spaetzel sooooo much lighter than the German version I was raised with.”

Blueberry Lemon Streusel Coffee Cake

Category: Breakfast  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch

Coffee cake layered with streusel and blueberries and baked in a springform pan.

German Baked Eggs

Category: Breakfast  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Quick & Easy

Baked egg and cheese casserole.


Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: German

Simple streusel topping for any dessert or pastry you like.

German Pancakes

Category: Breakfast  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch

Baked pancake dish served with lemon sauce.

Carrots in Mustard Dill Sauce

Category: Vegetables  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Julienned carrots steamed and tossed with creamy Dijon mustard sauce.

Decadent German Chocolate Cake with Coconut and Nut Filling

Category: Cakes  /  Cuisine: German

Rich chocolate cake and frosting.

Wiener Schnitzel

Category: Main Dish  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Veal cutlets breaded and fried; served with lemon butter.

Potato, Pepper, Kielbasa Casserole

Category: Main Dish  /  Cuisine: German

Bell peppers, potatoes, and sausage, roasted and baked with a little cream and Parmesan.

Red Cabbage and Sausage Soup

Category: Soups  /  Cuisine: German  /  Tags: Dutch Oven, Quick & Easy

Hearty red cabbage and sausage soup that’s filling enough for a full meal, but will work well as a first...