Cuisine: "Chinese"

Laura’s Famous Chicken

Category: Poultry  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Gluten-Free, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Fat, Microwave, Paleo

Chicken tenderloins cooked with vegetables and stir-fry sauce.

Jjajang (Blackbean Sauce)

Category: Pork  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Family, Restaurants

This black bean sauce is inspired by the Northern Chinese and is usually served with noodles. I like eating with...

Spicy Mama Tang Shrimp

Category: Fish or seafood  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Easy and delicious way to prepare shrimp

Sesame noodles

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Kid-Friendly, Quick & Easy, Vegetarian

Simple and delicious

Immunity Soup

Category: Soups  /  Cuisine: Chinese

Modern research shows that astragalus root, a Chinese herb long used to ward off colds & flu, has powerful immune-enhancing...

Beef Satay

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: BBQ & Grilling

Tasty beef skewers.

Oriental Shrimp Hors D’Oeuvres

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Party, Quick & Easy

Quick and tasty~

Chile Lime Veggie Noodles

Category: Vegetarian  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Heart-Healthy, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Fat, Quick & Easy, Vegetarian

A quick and easy veggie and noodle stir-fry, brightly flavored with lime and chile-garlic sauce.

Ham and Egg Fried Rice

Category: Rice  /  Cuisine: Chinese

Easy Asian side dish!

Slow Braised Beef Stew and Mushrooms

Category: Beef  /  Cuisine: Chinese  /  Tags: Crockpot, Large groups, Slow Cooker

Slow cooked beef served over browned mushrooms.