Create a Community Cookbook

Many churches, social groups, neighborhoods and community groups enjoy creating a community cookbook of favorite recipes to share.  If you would like to create a community cookbook for your church group, neighborhood, or community group, Dish Dish offers the unique opportunity to organize recipes online for your group in a digital cookbook!

You don’t have to worry about printing and it can easily be updated, recipes added or deleted, all with members being able to search for recipes, create shopping lists and menus and more.  Organizing recipes online for your group with Dish Dish provides these benefits:


upper desk kitchen tablet holder mount, tablet holder, view recipes on tablet, online recipe organizer,Store Recipes Digitally Online

– Easy access from mobile devices as well as the computer
– Easy to create shopping lists or menus with the recipes
– Find them all in one place
– *Private collection option available, also

Unlimited Storage of Recipes
unlimited recipe storage, digital online cookbook, unlimited members, organize recipes online

– Store as many recipes for your group as you would like
– Add photos and notes with recipes, too
– Easily update the cookbook with new recipes
– Let us type the recipes in for you



Shareable Cookbook Linkcommunity cookbook, group cookbook, shared cookbook, online cookbook, dish dish, organize recipes online

– Share link to entire cookbook directly from your group’s website
– Easily view and search recipes directly from the shared link
– Individual recipes can be shared easily



dish dish online cookbook pdf page, save cookbook as pdf, organize recipes online, online recipe organizerSave entire cookbook as a PDF

– Provides a backup copy as well as a printable option
– Easy to organize and edit for printing on Blurb or Bookpatch, if desired
– Share with those who prefer print to digital






Simply purchase a Pro Account for your community group
(only $19/year),
send in your first 20 recipes to for us to type into your community cookbook
(and log in to add unlimited recipes yourself).



*If you would like to share your community group’s recipes privately,
select our private option below for $29/year
(all recipes are private, visible only to those whose friend request you accept on Dish Dish).
Contains all features and options outlined above.



We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
And we will never share or sell your information to anyone else.
After all, we don’t like to get spam either!

(Or start out with a Free Account and see what you think!)



If you have any questions, reach out to us
at or 214-450-7612.