Cleaning out the Fridge

refrigerator, fridge, fridge doors, closed fridge, cleaning refrigerator, online cookbookCleaning out the fridge … ugh!  One of those tasks that pretty much no one looks forward to with anticipation.

But it really is a manageable task, boiled down to these simple steps.

1. Use a coil brush or similar tool to slide underneath the kick plate at the front of the fridge and remove accumulated dust and dirt from that area.

2. Empty the fridge, tossing out any items past their “use by” date, being sure to recycle glass and plastic containers after rinsing.fridge, refrigerator, cleaning, fridge door, open refrigerator, online cookbook

3. Once all items have been removed from the fridge, pull out the drawers (and any removable shelves, too).  Wash them in the sink with a sponge and some liquid dish soap in warm water.  Dry them with a towel or leave them on the counter to air-dry while you finish the task at hand.

toothbrush, rag, cleaner, cleaning, cleaning refrigerator, kitchen chores, online cookbook4. Use a multi-surface spray and clean rag to wipe down the interior of the fridge, being sure to cover each wall and shelf.  If there is grime in the crevices around the door seal or shelf seams, use an old toothbrush and additional cleaner to remove it.

5. Once drawers (and shelves, if removed) are dry, replace them in the fridge, and return food items to the fridge (after cleaning off outsides of jars and bottles as needed).

6. Place a container of baking soda into the fridge to keep it smelling fresh.baking soda in fridge, baking soda, refrigerator baking soda, online cookbook

7. Lastly, wipe down the outside of the fridge (which one would assume you do regularly when cleaning the kitchen), for a completely clean and like-new fridge.


While this entire job may seem rather daunting, keeping up with some of it each week (i.e. removing any out-of-date items in the fridge before grocery day), or maybe choosing one shelf or drawer to address each week, will make things much easier.  Take a few moments to clean off items and wipe down the shelf along with your other kitchen tasks that day.

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June 20th, 2013

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