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blackberries, picking blackberries, blackberry recipesBold Bursting Blackberries — you know the ones, right?  Those perfectly scrumptious plump blackberries bursting with juice and flavor?!?  While it isn’t quite blackberry season here, I noticed blackberries on sale at a local store this week and just couldn’t pass them up – I’m so ready for some of those amazingly delicious berries.

When the boys were younger, we used to go to a local farm during the summer and pick our own blackberries (and blueberries, too).  Yes, you had to be careful of the “stickers” on the blackberry bushes, but it was so worth it – to come away with baskets full of fresh deliciousness!

blueberry farm, picking berries, boys at the farm

Of course, with the blackberries on sale, I can still stockpile them for a while, freezing a bunch to use for later until the season is in full swing.  The easiest way to freeze berries (after rinsing them lightly and drying thoroughly on paper towels) is to spread them out in a single layer on a flat tray with sides (so they won’t roll off) and place in freezer until berries are frozen.  Then scoop them up into a freezer bag and store until ready to use.

Eating blackberries is especially enjoyable because they not only taste so refreshing, but are chock full of healthiness; bursting with antioxidants as well as the phytonutrient anthocyanin which studies have shown helps protect the brain from oxidative stress. Blackberries even help fight against GI tract cancers, like colon cancer.  What’s not to like?

1. Blackberries are so versatile.  For instance, this Grilled Pork Chops recipe with Blackberry Chutney is a tasty fresh way to serve them up for dinner.

grilled pork chops, blackberry chutney, blackberry recipes, pork recipes, healthy recipes

2. Yummy Blackberry Smoothies are perfect for enjoying any time (as a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack) – with only 4 ingredients and a blender, they’re ready in a flash, too.

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3. Blackberries for dessert? Of course! Maybe Blackberry Apple Pie or a simple Blackberry Cobbler (topped off with just a smidgeon of vanilla ice cream).

apple blackberry pie, blackberry recipes, dessert recipes

4. How about a big bowl of fresh blackberries for munching on throughout the day, or use a few to top off some oatmeal for a healthy start.  So many options!

bowl of blackberries, blackberry recipes, fresh berries

It’s fun to share our blackberry fever with you.  We hope you can find some blackberries on sale, too, or pull some out of the freezer to enjoy this week.  Please leave us a comment below and tell us how you enjoy eating, picking, storing, or dishing healthy blackberries for your friends and family.

And remember to add your favorite blackberry dish recipe to your online cookbook account right here at Dish Dish this week – to easily share with friends and family and find when you need it!

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March 27th, 2015

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