Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies?

how to get your kids to beg for veggies, cookbook, leann forst, kids recipes, healthy recipes

Seriously?  Is that even possible?  Well, maybe in some households, but in our house it has been a challenge indeed. So,…

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May 29, 2015

Reasons Why We Love Memorial Day Weekend

memorial day weekend, memorial day recipes,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! With Memorial Day weekend nearly upon us, we wanted to reflect for a few minutes about the real…

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May 21, 2015

18 Easy Dinner Recipes

family around dinner table, easy dinner recipes, family dinner at home,

    Yes!  We’re sharing some easy dinner recipes – for those nights when the kids are asking for the…

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May 15, 2015

Scooter’s Coffee Celebration Specials

scooters coffee half off fruit smoothies

We are happy to share that Scooter’s Coffee in Colleyville and Flower Mound, Texas, wants to celebrate their customers (including…

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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

mothers day brunch ideas, breakfast recipes, mothers day, heart shaped egg in toast

Mother’s Day is almost here, and we have some amazing Mother’s Day brunch ideas to share with you.  Okay, dads,…

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May 7, 2015

Healthy Quesadilla Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

shrimp quesadillas, cinco de mayo, healthy recipes, Mexican recipes, online cookbook

We are excited to share some healthy recipes for Cinco de Mayo!  We always enjoy eating Mexican food, and we…

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April 30, 2015

5 Picnic Basket Dishes

picnic basket, flowers in field, straw hat, online cookbook, digital cookbook

    Picnics are so much fun! – whether all decked out with a favorite picnic basket, having pulled out…

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April 24, 2015

5 Amazing Ways to Serve Green Beans

basil buttered green beans, vegetarian recipes, healthy recipes

Got Green Beans?  I love fresh from the garden green beans!  So we are talking today about 5 amazing ways…

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April 17, 2015

What Makes a Good Farmers Market?

vegetables, farmers market, healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes

Something about visiting the Farmers Market makes me feel like a little kid again.  I’m not sure why that is….

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April 9, 2015

Menu Ideas for Easter or Passover

spring table centerpiece, daffodils, eggs, simple table style, easter menu, easter recipes

Are you looking for last minute menu ideas for Easter or Passover for this weekend? Let’s take a quick look…

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April 1, 2015

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