Simple Beef Lasagna Recipe



Simple Beef Lasagna Recipe - image from Pixabay

Traditional lasagna is a wonderful comfort food and, of course, there are dozens of different approaches to making a great lasagna. But if you’re looking for a quick, easy, simple recipe for lasagna that won’t break the bank or your back or require a full day of cooking and prep, this simple beef lasagna recipe is going to be your new go-to favorite! (Above image by RitaE from Pixabay)

We love taking shortcuts like using oven-ready lasagna noodles (eliminating both the prep time and mess of regular lasagna noodles). We also use our favorite store-bought pasta sauce and easy ingredients you’re likely to already have in your refrigerator and pantry.

First we’ll start by gathering all the ingredients needed we need for the lasagna recipe:


1 pound ground beef
40 ounces (or more or less, to taste) marinara sauce
1/2 cup sliced black olives (optional)

Cream cheese layer:
1/2 cup cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup cottage cheese or ricotta cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
2 eggs


9 oven-ready lasagna noodles
1/2 cup sliced turkey pepperoni (optional) – using turkey creates less grease
4 cups mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese

My family really enjoys having the black olives added to the sauce mixture along with the layers of pepperoni for an added flavor twist, but those are totally optional and generally not part of a traditional lasagna.


We will also need a baking dish greased lightly with butter or cooking spray, and a skillet for cooking up our meat and sauce.

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees F and heating a skillet on the stove over medium-high heat. Brown the ground beef in the skillet, breaking it up while cooking; season with salt, pepper, onion or garlic powder and Italian seasoning (to taste). Once meat has cooked through, stir in the marinara sauce and chopped olives. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the cream cheese, cottage or ricotta cheese, sour cream and eggs, stirring until thoroughly combined.

Now just layer the ingredients in your baking dish as follows: 1/3 of meat sauce mixture, 1/2 of noodles, 1/2 of cream cheese mixture, 1/3 of mozzarella and 1/2 of pepperoni (if using). Repeat layers and top things off with the last of the meat sauce and mozzarella.

Top with parmesan cheese and bake for 30-45 minutes; then let it stand for 10 minutes before serving.


Simple Beef Lasagna Recipe with Pepperoni


Serve with a favorite garden salad and some crusty Italian bread with dipping oil for a wonderful hearty meal.

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Did you try this lasagna recipe? We’d love to hear your comments.

Does your family have tips or tricks for making lasagna from scratch? Make your own noodles or fresh sauce? Let us know in the comments below!


Helpful Hacks for Eating a Low-Carb Diet {Printables}



Helpful Hacks for Eating Low-Carb {Printables}

Low-carb diets have been popular recently as a safe and effective way to lose weight. But did you know that reducing carbs has other benefits as well? Low-carb diets have been shown to increase “good” cholesterol, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and lower blood pressure.

People who follow a low-carb diet usually consume 50–100 grams of carbs each day. But remember that if you’re pregnant or suffering from a chronic illness, a low-carb diet may not be for you. Be sure to consult your doctor before making a major diet change.

If you’re interested in trying out a low-carb diet, you may be wondering what foods to start incorporating into your diet, especially if you heavily relied on carbs in the past.

Here are a few hacks / trade-outs for reducing your carb intake (and scroll on down below for printable grocery list and food lists to help you stay on track).

Low-Carb Helpful Hacks and Tips

1. Use large leaves of lettuce in place of buns or tortillas to hold your sandwich or taco fillings.

2. Use zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash in place of spaghetti noodles for pasta dishes (get your spiralizer for making noodles).

3. Use riced cauliflower (either make it yourself or purchase fresh or frozen at the grocery store) in place of rice.

4. Instead of snacking on chips when you want something salty, grab a hand full of nuts.

5. Replace jams or jellies with mashed fresh fruit.

These printable food lists and shopping lists will make things easy! Simply print, keep them on your fridge, or take them with you to the grocery store.


Low Carb Grocery List

Click here to download the low-carb grocery shopping list

Ultimate Low Carb Food List pg 1


Ultimate Low Carb Food List pg 2


Click here to download the low-carb food list


We have lots of shared low-carb recipes here on Dish Dish.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of these low-carb recipe options:

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Mediterranean Skillet Chicken with Green Beans

Keto Almond Flour Blender Pancakes

Baked Spinach Artichoke Chicken

Overnight Raspberry Fridge Oatmeal

Mini Meatloaves with Veggies


Do you have any hacks to share that you’ve discovered on your low-carb eating journey? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

September to Remember – “Grateful” Apron Giveaway and Hop


September 2 Remember Gather Apron Giveaway

If you find yourself in the kitchen making tomato sauce, cooking up some spaghetti or lasagna, or standing over the grill and carting meat and vegetables back and forth with  various sauces or marinades, you inevitably need an apron (or at least, I do!).

You know that moment when you gasp aloud, right?

That sudden pop of tomato sauce that lands in a nice splatter pattern all over the white shirt you wore today.

The piping hot smack of bacon grease or butter from the skillet that, of course, provides an unwanted addition to that favorite sweater.

A dribble of barbecue sauce drips off the platter and squarely onto your jeans just as you haul your dinner from the grill into the kitchen.

As you reach across the counter for that next seasoning, you realize the lid wasn’t completely on the container you just used, so now the sauce is swiped across your front.

Seriously? You haven’t been in any of these situations in your kitchen? Well, I guess maybe nobody likes confessing; I get it.

Thankfully, we have the perfect way for you to avoid these messes (and mess-ups). Toss on your favorite apron before cooking, baking, or grilling and avoid the greasy, colorful incidents we can all find ourselves in sometimes!

Baking Apron - Gather with Grateful Hearts design


This handy, well-fitting (with an adjustable neck strap), machine washable (because we all need that!), black apron is the perfect addition to your kitchen and provides terrific protection for your  favorite clothing items.

The saying on the front is a gentle reminder to maintain grateful hearts as we gather around the kitchen table with family or friends (or even by ourselves for a quiet moment); thankful for provision, for good food to eat and enjoy, and for the blessings we experience each day.

And this month, we are giving away one of our Gather with Grateful Hearts aprons!

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If you just can’t wait to have your own apron, grab one today.

Leave us a comment with a memory from a funny kitchen moment when you wished you’d had an apron, or a thought about something for which you are grateful today. (Because after all, the joy in the journey is the best part of life).


Kitchen Apron - Gather with Grateful Hearts design




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Best Chicken Alfredo Recipe



Chicken Alfredo Recipe with Broccoli


If you enjoy a creamy alfredo sauce dish, and would love to make it for yourself (rather than relying on creamed soups or canned sauces), you are going to be delighted with this simple, easy (I promise!) Chicken Alfredo recipe.

I added broccoli to mine, because I like having the added vegetables and color, but that’s totally optional.

Hint: Using chicken tenderloins keeps the cooking time to a minimum since they cook up so quickly (especially after being flattened).

Assemble the ingredients you need:

• chicken tenderloins,
• pasta (angel hair or spaghetti or your favorite),
• cream or half-and-half (whichever you prefer),
• butter and olive oil,
• minced garlic,
• Parmesan cheese,
• fresh or frozen broccoli florets (if using),
• seasonings (thyme, Italian or fajita seasoning, salt and pepper)

Start a pot of salted water boiling and cook pasta (and broccoli florets, if using) to al dente (about 10 minutes).

Meanwhile, flatten the chicken tenderloins (cover with plastic wrap and pound with flat side of meat mallet until about 1/2 inch thick); season with thyme, salt, pepper, and either fajita or Italian seasoning.

Melt a tablespoon each of butter and olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; add chicken pieces, cooking 4 to 5 minutes per side until browned and cooked through (reducing heat slightly as needed and covering with a lid to keep chicken moist).

Chicken Alfredo Recipe - chicken pieces in skillet

Meanwhile, in another saucepan, melt butter and saute minced garlic for 2 minutes. Stir in the cream or half-and-half and cook over medium heat, stirring consistently ’til starts to thicken (about 7 or 8 minutes). Stir in Parmesan cheese to melt and thicken.

Chicken Alfredo Recipe - alfredo sauce in saucepan

When chicken has cooked through, remove skillet from heat; place chicken pieces on cutting board and dice into bite-size pieces, then return pieces to skillet.

Place skillet back over medium-low heat and stir in cooked, drained pasta and broccoli.

Chicken Alfredo Recipe - ingredients in skillet on stove

Now pour the Alfredo sauce over all. Stir, taste, and add any further seasoning desired.

Chicken Alfredo Recipe - sauce added to skillet

Garnish with chopped parsley and enjoy with a garden salad!

Chicken Alfredo Recipe with Broccoli

Now that you know how simple it can be to make your own Alfredo, you’ll be enjoying it regularly and dishing it up for friends and family, too.

View the detailed, printable Chicken Alfredo Recipe here (and save it to your Dish Dish cookbook for easy reference any time).

29 School Lunch Ideas


29 School Lunch Ideas


Regardless of whether the school year has just started or is nearing the end, coming up with unique, creative, (not too much work) school lunch ideas can be a real challenge – it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut – same mindless sandwiches or cheese and crackers for days on end.

So we decided to round up a plethora of school lunch ideas (with links to recipes as needed) from which you can pick and choose and are sure to find several that will bring smiles to your face and theirs! You’ll find your fill of ideas for cold lunches, hot lunches, and leftover lunches (each able to be packed in a variety of ways).

Additionally, we’ve included a hand full of tips along the way to help you keep food warm or cold or prevent fruit from turning brown, etc. Let’s dive in!


Cold School Lunch Ideas

Cold Lunch Ideas

(Above photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash)
Turkey / Cheese Tortilla Wraps
 – These are so simple; grab your favorite tortilla (whole wheat, white, veggie, gluten-free) and spread slices of turkey (or ham or beef) with sliced cheese (or a spread of cream cheese), roll it all up, and slice at an angle in half (or into bite-size pieces).

Pasta Salad – Make this dish ahead a day or two; toss cooked pasta with fresh chopped veggies (squash, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, or olives), diced ham or pepperoni and cheese (if desired), and Italian salad dressing or a favorite vinaigrette.

Yogurt with fruit and/or granola

Bagels with cream cheese or favorite spread

Hard-boiled eggs


Meat and Cheese Roll-ups – Spread cream cheese onto slices of lunch meat and roll up.

Sliced apples with peanut butter

Muffins – Choose muffins with added protein powder or fruit and oats so it will be more filling.

Slices of meat and cheese with crackers (not just ham or turkey – pepperoni, salami, chicken sausage also work well)

Avocado – slice it in half, remove the seed, sprinkle both halves with salt and pepper and a spritz of lime or lemon juice; put halves back together and wrap with plastic wrap tightly. Send with a plastic spoon for easy eating.

Slices of meat and cheese rolled up, speared on plastic toothpicks along with olives or grape tomatoes

Tuna Salad (or Salmon Salad) – send just the salad itself or stuff it into a pita pocket with a lettuce leaf or spring greens

Pancakes with Blueberries - Unsplash

Pancakes or Waffles – include hearty oat or peanut butter or banana pancakes and pack with syrup or spread with peanut butter and jelly.

Sides – applesauce, guacamole and chips, cup of corn, olives, cucumbers, carrots, grapes, grape tomatoes,

No-Bake Energy Bites – These energy bites are peanut-butter based (so these would not be an option if your school doesn’t allow peanut items); mixed with honey, flaxseed, oats, chocolate chips, and rolled in coconut, they make a tasty protein treat.

Oatmeal with Fruit – Make an overnight oatmeal and pack it for lunch.

BLT Salad – Toss lettuce with halved grape tomatoes, shredded cheese, crumbled bacon, diced avocado, and hard-boiled egg (optional); pack salad dressing separately.


How to Keep Sliced Apples from Turning Brown


Leftovers for Lunch

Leftover pizza cut into bite-sized pieces

Leftover chicken, pork, or steak – cut into bite-size pieces and sent with a favorite dipping sauce

Leftover burgers, spaghetti and meatballs, quesadillas

Leftover roasted vegetables

Pasta dishes – mac and cheese, lasagna, baked ziti

Hot Lunch Ideas

Pizza Mini Quiches – photo and recipe from Momables

Momables - pizza mini quiche school lunch


Burrito Bowl – toss together rice, salsa chicken, black beans, corn, and grated cheese; pack separately some salsa, guacamole or sour cream to stir in before eating.

Omelette in a Mug – eggs with milk, cheese, diced ham or bacon, and any desired veggies, cooked up in a mug in the microwave in about 2 minutes; dump into a thermos for a filling hot lunch.

Burritos – heat up your favorite frozen burrito (even healthy options) in the morning and double wrap in aluminum foil to keep warm for the day.

Soup – heat a favorite soup (purchased or homemade) and send in a thermos along with some breadsticks or crackers.

Leftover spaghetti and meatballs


Kids can Pack their Own School Lunches

Help the kids learn how to pack their own school lunches by providing various options in each of the below categories (pre-packaged in the fridge or panty for them), guiding them to select 1 protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit, 1 healthy snack, and perhaps a 2nd snack for a fun treat. Soon they will be doing the work for themselves, and they will be learning in the process the importance of planning ahead, prepping food, and making good choices for themselves.

Protein ideas – salami, pepperoni, turkey sticks, sliced lunch meats, cheese cubes, diced chicken

Veggie ideas – carrots, celery, cucumber, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, olives

Fruit ideas – grapes, strawberries, blackberries, apples, clementines, blueberries, diced pineapple,

Healthy snack ideas – pistachios, almonds, protein bar

Snack treat ideas – any type of treat you allow and they enjoy


Would you share our post with your friends if you enjoyed these ideas? Please also leave us a comment below with your thoughts, suggestions, or any ideas you would like to share. We love hearing what you think!



Chalkboard Menu Planner Giveaway + Giveaway Hop



With the school year right around the corner now and summer coming to a close, we wanted to help you out with a fun organizing tool to save you time and money in the coming months.

This adorable Dry Erase Chalkboard Menu Planner set will help you get meals planned and organized each week (deferring the dreaded “What’s for Dinner?” question each afternoon), and it comes with colorful markers (to keep things fun), along with a Kitchen Conversion Chart for converting various liquid and dry measurements as well as cooking times for various types of food.

Chalkboard Menu Planner Giveaway


Even better, all the pieces are magnetic, so you can easily attach to the fridge or a nearby magnetic grease board. Additionally, there is an area for Notes and a Grocery List (so as family members discover you are out of an item, it can be added to the list right there, easy for you to find when you make out your final grocery list for the week – for which we hope you are making good use of your Dish Dish Online Cookbook App!)

If you are stressing about how to keep all the plates in the air, balanced and spinning, as you start a new school year, or just as we head into a busy fall season, one way to make daily life less stressful is to have an organized plan for meals each week (saving you money when grocery shopping, and saving you time each day getting ready for dinner).


Healthy Meal Plans and Grocery List for the Whole Family


Be sure to enter below for your chance to win and share with a friend who could use some organizing help (also, scroll down to see lots of other blogger giveaways in the Giveaway Hop).



We are glad to be participating with a host of other bloggers in a Giveaway Hop, with each blogger hosting their own fabulous giveaway, so be sure to click through below and check out the other amazing giveaways going on!


Oh the Places You'll Go Giveaway Hop 2019


14 Best Recipes with Ground Beef



14 Best Recipes made with Ground Beef


We have all been there – that moment when you look in the fridge or freezer, realize you have ground beef to cook up for dinner, but have no idea what to do with it (since perhaps the weekend was too hectic for you to put together your normal meal plan for the week). (Photo above by Brooke Lark on Unsplash)

Or maybe, like me, you came home with pounds of ground beef from the big box store or your local butcher and suddenly thought, “Wait! I don’t want to make the same three or four dishes over and over!”

Not to worry. Today we’re sharing some favorite (and perhaps unique) recipes made with ground beef, so you can try something different to add to the rotation or try several different things and broaden your family’s culinary horizons. So let’s get started! (Click on the title of each recipe to view detailed recipe).

First, always be sure to handle ground beef safely to reduce any risk of food-borne illness or bacteria affecting other food and kitchen items.

(Remember you can save your favorite recipes in your own Dish Dish recipe box today for easy meal planning and shopping for groceries).

1. Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole – For this casserole, cooked noodles are tossed with mushrooms and ground beef in a creamy sauce with Worcestershire, beef broth and sour cream, layered with mozzarella cheese and baked for a hearty meal that takes less than an hour to put together.

2. Beef Enchiladas – Ground beef is cooked with yellow onion, garlic, black beans, taco seasoning, and some enchilada sauce, then scooped into and rolled up in flour tortillas, topped with more enchilada sauce and grated cheese before baking. It is so yummy! Top it with your favorite garnishes like olives, cilantro, sour cream, jalapenos, avocado …. and enjoy!

Recipes with Ground Beef | Beef Enchiladas Recipe


3. Devi’s Vegetable Beef Soup – This soup comes together quickly with canned (or frozen) vegetables along with ground beef in a beefy tomato broth seasoned with onion, oregano, basil, and bay leaves. It’s delicious served with pita chips, favorite crackers, or simply topped with a sprinkling of your favorite grated cheese.

4. Beefy Stuffed Zucchini – Dish up this healthy meal with ground beef, onion, peppers, and seasonings in a tomato sauce base, stuffed into hollowed-out zucchini “boats” and baked topped with some mozzarella cheese for a delicious family dinner.

5. Italian Beef Macaroni Casserole – This dish reminds me a little bit of a baked goulash or homemade version of Hamburger Helper. Ground beef cooked with onion, garlic, oregano and basil, simmered with tomatoes, beef broth and paprika, tossed with cooked macaroni and cheese before baking into a fabulous gooey meal that kids and adults will both enjoy.
(below photo by Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash)

Pasta with Ground Beef | Best Recipes with Ground Beef

6. Beef and Rice – This recipe comes to us from a Texas 4-H member, and is very quick and simple for when you only have a few minutes for dinner. Brown the ground beef, and toss with cooked minute rice, black beans, and chunky salsa, and sprinkle some grated cheese over top for a quick Beef and Rice bowl that’s ready in no time.

7. Crockpot Beef Tortilla Casserole – A hearty tortilla casserole layered up in the crockpot for easy cooking and serving; it does take a little time to get all the ingredients together and ready to layer in the crockpot, so leave enough time to do that. Don’t leave it in the crockpot too long – because the tortillas can get soggy. It has lots of great flavor, though, with beef, black beans, corn, taco seasoning, enchilada sauce, cheese, and tortillas.

8. Pasta with Beef and Beans – Five cheese ravioli and broccoli florets served up in a tomato beef sauce made with ground beef, northern beans, tomatoes and seasonings, topped with some shredded Parmesan. This recipe, too, comes from a Texas 4-H member.

9. Rich Beef and Tomato Ragout – Ground beef cooked with rutabaga, grape tomatoes and seasoned with red chili, cinnamon, basil, onion and garlic.

10. Beefy Bean-a-Roni – Macaroni, ground beef, red beans, celery and sloppy joe sauce are baked together and topped with cheddar cheese.

11. Mom’s Meatloaf – An old-fashioned traditional meatloaf seasoned with onion, garlic, Worcestershire, bread crumbs, egg and sage.

12. Southwest Stuffed Peppers – Stuff bell peppers with taco-seasoned ground beef (or ground turkey), rice, black beans, corn, and cheese and enjoy a healthy dinner!

Stuffed Yellow and Red Peppers Recipe

13. Taco Salad – This meal is easy and quick to have on the table in less than 30 minutes. Cook the ground beef with taco seasoning and beans, then layer tortilla chips, meat mixture, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, or other favorite salad toppings (which can be prepped while meat and beans are cooking). Voila!

14. Spaghetti and Meatballs – A traditional fairly quick recipe for homemade meatballs served up in spaghetti sauce over noodles. Yum!

Do you have other favorite recipes made with ground beef? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!


Best Ever Peach Blueberry Cobbler Recipe



Peach and Blueberry Cobbler Recipe ready to serve


One of the things I love about summertime is the ability to easily get fresh blueberries and peaches in our area. There is almost nothing as good as biting into a perfectly fresh, ripe peach and enjoying the sweet, luscious flavor.

However, the nice thing about this recipe for Peach Blueberry Cobbler is that it can just as easily be made with frozen peach slices and blueberries (so you can enjoy the fabulous flavor any time of year).

If you have a local farmers’ market or, even better, a Pick-Your-Own farm nearby where you can pick peaches or blueberries for yourself and enjoy them fresh, I encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities for fresh local produce. Both activities are especially fun with the kids or grandkids for a fun outing.


Peaches and Blueberries at Farmers Market - Flickr


But now for our recipe, so you can get started on yours right away ….

First you’ll preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then spray your baking dish (a deep dish pie pan or a 2-quart baking dish) with a little cooking spray. (This keep the cobbler topping from sticking to the pan after baking).

Then toss your sliced peaches and some blueberries with a little bit of sugar and place them into the prepared baking dish. If you like, sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top of them before preparing the cobbler topping, to add another flavor dimension to the dish.


Peach Blueberry Cobbler Recipe


For the cobbler topping, we’ll use a mixer to beat together sugar and butter. Then mix in some eggs and vanilla.

Lastly, combine the flour, baking soda and salt and add that mixture to the butter mixture alternately with some buttermilk (about half the flour, followed by half the buttermilk, and repeating), until all is combined. (See recipe with measurements and details).


Peach Blueberry Cobbler with Topping


It might sound a little complicated, but these are all basic ingredients from your pantry and fridge, so it doesn’t take long at all to whip together.

Side Note: If you do not have buttermilk, simply use 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or white vinegar and add enough regular milk to make one cup of buttermilk (best to mix this up and let it sit for a few minutes to combine before using).

Pour the batter over the top of the peaches and blueberries, and set the baking dish on a baking tray lined with aluminum foil (to contain any spill-overs from your dish while baking); sprinkle a little turbinado sugar over top of all, if you like. Place in the pre-heated oven and bake for 45 minutes or until batter is baked, set, and lightly browned.


Peach Blueberry Cobbler Recipe


This is so yummy, it doesn’t need anything else with it for serving; but if you’d like to top it with a dollop of whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream, or a drizzle of cold fresh milk, go right ahead. I often like mine with those added goodies, too!

Here are links to a few of the items we used while making and serving our cobbler, in case your kitchen needs some accessories (affiliate links mean your purchase supports Dish Dish without costing you any more), and we hope you enjoy.

Clear Deep Dish Pie Pan
Hand Mixer
Baking Trays
Ice cream Scoop

And if you love peaches and blueberries as much as I do, you’ll really enjoy these recipes, too:

Peachy French Toast

Pesto Pork Pinwheels with Grilled Peaches

Keto Blueberry Blender Pancakes

Cucumber and Blueberry Salad

Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Smoothie


What are your favorite dishes with peaches or blueberries? Does your family have some traditions or cultural favorites with these fruits? Leave us a comment below with your ideas or suggestions; we love hearing from you!

Remember, you can keep all your favorite family recipes digitally in your online cookbook right here at Dish Dish in your own digital recipe box!

Keep Favorite Recipes in Free Online Cookbook with Grocery Shopping List (recipe organizer)

9 Grill Seasoning Recipes {Infographic} + Printable Labels



Homemade Grill Seasonings with Labels


Finding the perfect gift for the grill master of the family can be difficult. Once they have all the grill tools, what else do they need?

Try spicing things up this year with these DIY grill seasoning blends. From spicy fajita flavoring to the perfect poultry rub, these seasoning recipes are packed with flavor.

Putting the mixes together is so easy, it’s a great activity with which the kids can help! Try having each child pick a recipe and make them all for a well-rounded spice set!

While you are in the kitchen, make an extra set for your own culinary creations. You won’t be sorry!

Customize these seasonings to make the perfect mix. Add a little extra cayenne for the heat lover or a little extra cinnamon for your sweetheart.

Gifts has also provided printable labels and tags to personalize your present.

Each of these recipes makes enough to fill up a 4-ounce spice jar, perfect for gifting to the grill master in your life.




Which one of these blends will be your new favorite grilling seasoning? Will you make these for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, or a foodie friend?

Leave us a comment below with your favorites, ideas, or suggestions. We love hearing from you!


Homemade Grill Seasonings with Labels for Dad


These seasonings would be a great fit for some of our favorite grilling recipes:

Chicken Fajita Foil Pack for Campfire or Grill

Barbecued Garlic Shrimp

Smoked Ribs with Rib Rub

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Breasts

Zesty Grilled Veggies

Grilled Steak with Board Dressing


Making Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya


How to Make Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

We thoroughly enjoy eating Cajun dishes with the hearty, spicy, bold flavors for which they are known.

This simple one-pot Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya recipe is a favorite and comes together fairly quickly even on a busy weeknight.

First it requires a little bit of chopping and slicing (chopping onion and green pepper, slicing the andouille sausage, and mincing some garlic — if you don’t buy it already minced). P.S. Our bamboo cutting board pictured below is a phenomenal tool for this step!


Ingredients for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya


Start the jambalaya off right by sautéing in a hot skillet with a little melted butter or hot oil, the chopped green pepper, onion (I prefer yellow), and minced garlic.

Sprinkle a little Cajun seasoning over some chicken tenderloins or cutlets and toss them in the skillet, too, turning as they cook through for 5-6 minutes.


Chicken, onion and peppers for Jambalaya


Toss in the sliced andouille sausage and cook another 3-4 minutes, allowing the sausage to heat up and the other ingredients to continue cooking. Remove skillet from heat and set aside. Remove chicken from skillet and dice into bite-size pieces, then return it to skillet.

Reduce skillet heat to medium. Now you’re ready to pour into the skillet a can of petite diced tomatoes (undrained), some brown rice (or long grain white, if you prefer), a cup of chicken broth, more Cajun seasoning along with thyme, salt and pepper, and a dash of hot pepper sauce (unless you prefer it to be less spicy).

And that’s it! Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and allow to simmer for 20 minutes or so until rice is cooked and has absorbed most of the broth. (See printable recipe here).


Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya in Skillet


Taste to see if it needs any more seasoning before dishing it onto plates for dinner. Serves up nicely with a tossed salad or some roasted broccoli (chop fresh broccoli and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast in the oven at 375 degrees F while your jambalaya is cooking on the stove).

Not only is this meal divinely tasty and hearty enough for the guys in your household, but it is also dairy-free and gluten-free (in case you’re working around allergies).

If you enjoy Cajun and Creole cooking, here are a few other recipes you might enjoy dishing up soon:

Cajun Shrimp with Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce
Jambalaya Pasta (with sausage and chicken)
Crockpot Gumbo
Homemade Cajun Spice Mix

Items used in the making of this dish (affiliate links mean it doesn’t cost you any more, but your purchase supports Dish Dish, and we thank you):

Cajun seasoning
Favorite skillet
Emeril knife set
Serving spoons
Skillet lids

Does your family enjoy Cajun meals, too? Please leave us a comment below about your favorites or other ideas (or if you have questions); we love hearing from you!