5 Quick Easy Week Night Dinners

5 Quick Easy Week-Night Dinners, Easy Recipes, Quick Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Online Recipe OrganizerWith these 5 quick, easy week night dinners, there will be no more excuses for not having a home-cooked meal with your family this week.  What keeps you from cooking a delicious meal at home for your family during the week?  Think you don’t have time or won’t be able to get all the ingredients together?  Afraid that recipes might be too difficult to follow?

Use these 5 quick and easy recipes for dinner recipes with your family and enjoy a fresh home-cooked meal around the dinner table this week.  Each of these recipes is ready in about 30 minutes and has a short list of ingredients.  Add the ingredients to your shopping list with the click of a button, too, to make sure you’re not missing anything when you get ready to start cooking.

Remember that the kids can help with these easy meals, too.  Help them learn some kitchen skills by letting them chop a few vegetables, measure and add some ingredients, or “stir the pot”, and see how fun and simple it can be to make  good home-cooked food for themselves.

1.  These One Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls contain your favorite chicken burrito ingredients, all cooked up in one skillet (for easy clean up – yay!) and easy to serve in bowls (or in tortillas, if you prefer).

 one skillet dish with chicken, rice, black beans, tomatoes, and cheese; easy recipes, dinner recipes, quick recipes

2.  Herb Crusted Cod is just the dish if you’re wanting to enjoy some fish; baked up with bread crumb and herb topping, and ready in no time.

 bread crumb and herb crusted baked cod, seafood recipes, fish recipes, easy recipes, online recipe organizer, dish dish

3. For an Oriental dish, try this Chicken Fried Rice with chicken, rice, peas and carrots.  (No, it isn’t pieces of rice dipped in batter and fried – I mean, be honest, isn’t that what you thought for a moment – like chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken?)

 one skillet chicken fried rice, oriental recipes, chinese recipes, easy dinner recipes, organizing recipes online, dish dish

4. Tilapia Po’Boy sandwiches are an easy way to serve up some pan-fried tilapia for a casual filling dinner.

 tilapia po'boy sandwich, fish recipes, seafood recipes, easy dinner recipes, organize recipes online, dish dish

5. Fettuccini Bolognese is an easy Italian dish with Italian sausage, pasta, and seasonings simmered in a tomato sauce base; delish!


fettuccini bolognese, Italian recipes, easy recipes, sausage, pasta, tomato sauce, online cookbook


We hope these 5 quick and easy weeknight dinners will help you and your family move towards a routine of eating a home cooked meal around the dinner table all together a little more often.  Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think. What are some or your favorite easy dinners?

Remember you can always digitize and keep track of your favorite recipes (so they don’t clutter up your kitchen drawers or folders) in your own online cookbook account right here at Dish Dish – access your recipes from anywhere, keep track of shopping list and menus, and find your favorites whenever you need them.

October 13th, 2014

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