All About Peshtemal Turkish Towels



Peshtemal (pesh-te-mahl) is an authentic Turkish towel. During the 15th Century, one of these craftsmen decided to try weaving towels in the same manner that he wove rugs. Prior to this, all towels in the world were flat, woven, and had no loops.

Towel Innovation

This weaver thought that the same loops that were used in carpet weaving would make a better towel and in fact the addition of loops to the towel did make it absorb water much faster. Thus, the Turkish towel was born and became the world’s standard.

Benefits of Peshtemal

These remarkable towels takes up less space, are easy to carry, and therefore are used as an alternative to the traditional towels in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care. The peshtemal fabric is made of 100% organic cotton produced in manually operated looms in Turkey.

peshtemal turkish towel, table cloth, kitchen tips

Differences Between Peshtemal and Regular Towels

Now let’s have a look at all the differences between Turkish Peshtemal towel and Regular Terry towels:

•  Being big, bulky, and slow to dry makes regular terry towels terrible for travel. The last thing you want to do is have to pack up a wet towel into your luggage.

•  Because Peshtemal (Turkish Towels), are big and absorbent, you can even tie it into a beach bag. No need to pack an extra bag. You can tie a couple of knots and the towel is now a bag.

•  Peshtemal towels are very thin. Even though they are cotton, they dry very quickly.

•  The size of a peshtemal towel is comparable to regular towels, but because the material is so thin, they still pack up small.

•  Peshtemal is soft on your skin.

•  Classic Size of Peshtemal is 180cm x 80cm ( 71″ x 32″ inch). It is Handloomed, Organic Cotton, Eco-Friendly, Natural, Beautiful, and has a unique design with many color options.

•  You can use your peshtemal towels as a beach towel, bath towel, picnic blanket, throw rug, scarf, baby blanket, yoga mat, table cloth, and more!

 pesthemal blue picnic blanket, table runnerpeshtemal turkish striped towel or table cloth, kitchen tips
Written by Makin Adaner of
Wanting to make everyone aware of this beauty!

10 Healthy Halloween Treats {Recipe Roundup}



10 healthy halloween treats recipe roundup, healthy recipes

Presenting — on center stage — Healthy Halloween Treats!

Right?  Who would think it is possible to have a healthy Halloween mix of fun little treats for party goers of any size and age – what with all the bags of chocolate we’re passing in the store aisles these days?

Well, we are excited to present 10 Healthy Halloween treats for your upcoming school, neighborhood, church, or family party.  Of course, we didn’t skip ALL of the chocolate!

1. Let’s start off with these “Pumpkin” Deviled Eggs.  They are so easy to make with your favorite Deviled Eggs recipe.  Simply add a dash of red food coloring or enough paprika to give the filling a slight orange color.  Then use fork tines to carefully place “ridges” in the filling to resemble pumpkins, and add a sprig of green at the top for the pumpkin stem (using a small slice of green onion or green olive).  Voila!  Our first healthy Halloween treat.

pumpkin deviled eggs, healthy halloween recipes, vegetarian


2. Fruit and Veggie Face Platters —  These are super simple; just reference the photo for arranging various fruits and veggies on platters to create “faces” that look right back at you from the table.  If you prefer to make things scary, make the mouth shapes in squiggly v-patterns for a more grimacing look.  Either use deviled eggs with olives in the middle for the eyes or a small paper cup filled with olives or raisins.

fruit and veggie face platter, healthy halloween, party recipes, vegetarian


3. Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail — This next healthy Halloween treat from Family Fresh Meals is as easy as layering pineapple with small orange or tangerine sections in a see-through container, and then topping it with a dollop of whipped cream along with one or two candy corns.  These treats can even be made earlier in the day and refrigerated until you’re ready to serve (a nice option).

healthy halloween candy corn snack, party recipe, healthy snack


4. Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts — Dip fresh strawberries into white chocolate and then use mini chocolate chips to add eyes and a mouth to the “ghost” before the chocolate dries.  Alternatively, you could pipe some dark chocolate onto the white chocolate in the shape of eyes and mouth after the white chocolate has dried.  Either way, these come together quickly and will make your guests smile!

strawberry ghosts, chocolate strawberries, healthy halloween recipe, healthy snack


5. Sweet Roasted Pecans —    Sweet roasted pecans are made with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar (or substitute Splenda for healthier alternative) and roasted slowly for about an hour.  They are scrumptious and add a healthy crunch to your Halloween treat table.

sweet roasted pecans, healthy snack recipe, party recipe


6. Pretzel Spider Webs – Have you seen these before?  They are so cute and easy to make!  We enjoyed this version from Lemons and LetterPress.  On a large sheet of waxed paper, place pretzel sticks in web shapes as shown in the picture, and dollop a glob of melted white chocolate into the middle (large enough to make sure when it dries all the pretzels will stay connected).  Place a raisin or two into the middle of the glob of white chocolate as the “spider”.  Drizzle (or carefully lay down in a spiral) streams of white chocolate to form the “web” around the pretzels. Allow to dry and then carefully layer on waxed paper until ready to set out for serving. Consider making these a day or two ahead of time to simplify party day prep.

chocolate pretzel spider web, healthy halloween snacks, party recipe


7. Witch Brooms – Now this may be the simplest healthy Halloween treat in our list.  Cut string cheese sticks into halves or thirds, insert a pretzel into one end, and then carefully peel back the strings of cheese from the other end until you have a “broom” looking treat.

halloween with brooms from pretzels and string cheese, healthy halloween, healthy snacks


8. Pumpkin Energy Bite Pumpkins — Make healthy and delicious Pumpkin Energy Bites from Groovy Beets and then decorate them as pumpkin faces using mini chocolate chips or raisins along with an herb stem for the pumpkin stem.  Completely adorable and quite good for you!


halloween pumpkin energy bites, healthy halloween, healthy party recipe

Image courtesy of Girl Gone Raw


9. Fruit and Nut Crispy Treats (from Super Healthy Kids) —  Crispy treats are loaded with almonds, coconut, raisins, dried apricots and cashews, tossed in some melted white chocolate and shaped as desired.  Very few ingredients required here, and the only hard work is deciding how you want to shape the treats after mixing everything together.

fruit and nut crispy treats, healthy halloween snack, healthy kids recipe


10. Creepy Carrots with Dip — And for our last healthy Halloween treat, how about some creepy carrots with dip?  Use baby carrots or cut up large carrots into sections and attach a sliced almond with some cream cheese on the tip of each one to create the fingernail.  Leave them standing straight up in a small cup or dish with your favorite vegetable dip at the bottom.

creepy carrot fingers in creamy veggie dip, healthy halloween, healthy snack


You can find lots more healthy snack ideas at Nuts.Com.  Do you have some favorite healthy Halloween treats you enjoy?  We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions below.

And remember to collect and share your favorite recipes right here at Dish Dish in your free online cookbook!

Fun Cooking Utensil for Kids – Dino Ladle Giveaway

If you often find yourself surrounded by the kids or grandkids helping you in the kitchen when cooking meals, this fun dinosaur ladle is a fun cooking utensil to have on hand.

Let the kids help dish up the soup, gravy, or punch with this delightful character, and keep them smiling all the way to the dinner table.

The ladle would also make a terrific gift for a foodie friend or family member who loves dinosaurs or just wants to be the “coolest” aunt, mom, or grandma in the kitchen.

 This fun ladle is dishwasher safe, can stand on its own or conveniently rest on the pot rim, is 12 inches tall, and scoops  6 oz. servings.

It’s made of sturdy BPA-free nylon and is heat resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Nationwide Deals on Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches, and Fall Festivals {Coupons}


US Family Guide Halloween, fall festival discount, pumpkin patch coupon, corn maze deals

Looking for some fun for your family this fall?  Get Ready for some Fall Festival Deals!

Our boys used to have so much fun at the local Pumpkin Patch when they were young, and we are excited to share with you this great list of Corn Maze Coupons and Fall Festival savings nationwide (arranged by state).  

Download these valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities. 

Tolmachoff Farms – Glendale
Mortimer Farms – Dewey
Rocker 7 Farm Patch – Buckeye

Pirates Dinner Adventure – Vampirates – Buena vista
Gilroy Gardens – Gilroy
California’s Great America – Santa Clara
Big Horse Corn Maze Festival – Temecula

Colorado Annual Halloween Guide

Anderson Farms – Erie
Fritzler Maze – La Salle
Mile High Farms – Bennett
Wishing Star Farm – Calhan
Harvest Farm – Wellington
Cottonwood Farms – Boulder
Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch – Longmont
Elitch Gardens Theme Park – Fright Fest – Denver
Denver Zoo – Boo at The Zoo – Denver
Children’s Museum of Denver – Trick or Treat Street – Denver

Scott’s Yankee Farmer – East Lyme

The Little Farm – Goulds
Lowry Park Zoo – ZOOBOO Kids! – Tampa

Corn Dawgs – Loganville
Old Freeman Farms – Sylvania
LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Atlanta
Funopolis Family Fun Center – Fearopolis Haunts

Illinoiskids at pumpkin patch, fall festival, coupon, discount, deal, corn maze
Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm – Lockport

Amazing Fall Fun – Waterloo
Shipshewana Corn Maze – Shipshewana

Great Country Farms – Bluemont

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – Batimore

Bavarian Inn Lodge – Frankenmuth

Beggs Family Farm – Sikeston
Carolyn’s Country Cousins – Liberty Corn Maze
Legoland Discovery Center – Brick or Treat – Kansas City

Applestem, Inc. – Vaughn

New Jersey
iPlay America – Freehold

New Mexico
La Union Maze – La Union

New York
Wright Family Farm – Warwick
Pick A Pumpkin Pumpkin Patch – Esperance
Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park – Queensbury

Blooms and Berries – Loveland
Beriswill Farms – Valley City

Tulsa Corn Maze – Tulsa

The Maize at The Pumpkin Patch– Portland

Rhode Island
Confreda Greenhouses & Farms – Hope (Western Cranston)

South Carolina
Hollywild Animal Park – Wellford

Oakes Farm – Corryton
Shuckle’s Corn Maze – Hendersonville

Devine Acres Farm – Devine
Fiesta Farm – San Antonio
Barton Hill Farms – Bastrop
Lone Star Family Farm – Stephenville
LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Brick or Treat – Grapevine

Hee Haw Farms – Pleasant Grove
This Is The Place Heritage Park – Salt Lake City

Gaines Farm – Guilford

Great Country Farms – Bluemont


For some additional fall family fun, take a look at these Personalized Fall Placemats from  A cute idea for your kitchen table!

Get daily updates on these coupons along with coupons for other family attractions — visit and bookmark

What are your favorite family activities in the fall?  Do you pick up pumpkins at local fall activities or usually at the grocery store?  We love to hear what you enjoy most about fall family activities. 


How to Enjoy Food at the State Fair of Texas

How do you enjoy food at the fair?  Yes, the State Fair of Texas is traditionally known for serving up wild variations of fried food delicacies (that might also cost a pretty penny) for fair-goers.  These items have included dishes like Chicken Fried Lobster with Champagne Gravy, Deep Fried Alligator’s Egg Nest, and oddities like Fried Bubblegum (right?!?).  This year’s Big Tex Choice Awards for Best Taste award went to the Holy Moly Carrot Cake Roly, and the Most Creative award winner was the Smoky Bacon Margarita.  (A penny for your thoughts on these!)  The map below highlights this year’s finalists and where to find them at the fair.

state fair of texas best choice awards food map

But now we’ll move on to how you can enjoy food at the State Fair of Texas in other ways.  There are 24 cooking / baking contests held at the fair in the Creative Arts building, where judging begins daily at 10:30 AM.  There are plenty of  competition category options, including Cake, SPAM, Southern Comfort Food,  Honey, Farm to Fork, Pizza, Youth Cooking, Bread, Pie, Bacon & Egg, Party Foods, One Pot Meals, and even a Red River Showdown Biscuit Cook-Off (among many others).  Something for everyone! The complete list of Competition Categories and Daily Schedules are available on the Big Tex website for the state fair (and there is still time to enter – so check it out and let us know if you decide to head on over for one).  It’s always fun to see the various dishes brought in and prepared for judging, and many of the recipes are available in the State Fair of Texas Cookbook as well as on the Big Tex Recipes Blog.

state fair of texas competition kitchen contestants

Competition Kitchen at State Fair of Texas

We are proud to partner with the Texas 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Program as they share recipes among contestants and 4-H members across the state, preparing for the National 4-H Food Challenge Contest at the State Fair.  In this challenge, contestants are scored not only on the Food Preparation, but also for knowing information such as the Serving Size details, Cost Analysis, Nutrition, Safety Practices, as well as their Creativity, Communication Effectiveness, and Teamwork.  Congratulations to the 2015 winners – 4-H Starr Chef team from the Rio Grande City area in Starr County (members Brandon Guerra, Crystal Alaniz, Garrett Gonzalez, Janay Rocha and Jason Gorena)! photo courtesy of Yolanda Morado

4H national food challenge winners 2015, starr chefs at state fair of tex


Last but not least, daily Free Cooking demos (many of them offering samples, too!) are available in the Celebrity Kitchen by local area chefs; see one each day at 11:00, 12:30, 2:30 or 4:30.  Here are just a few of the wonderful chefs you could see during the fair (see the complete list and schedule).

celebrity kitchen chef at state fair of texas

Chef Karel Anne Tieszen of Kitchen Friends Cooking School
Loves sharing cooking with people in a hands-on participation class.

Roosevelt Pierre of Pierre’s Mardi Gras Catering
Relatively new to the area from New Orleans – offering catering and even online ordering of special dishes.

Anastacia Quinones, currently of Kitchen LTO
“I’ll give you your queso and chips, but with 3 types of handmade cheese and fresh ground corn tortillas!”

Chef Jeannette Prasifka – Crosby Catering & Coffee
Full service catering specializing in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Sean Alvarez – Del Frisco’s
Prime flavor meets perfect taste.

Chris LaLonde – El Centro Community College
Culinary Team Leader, teaching food preparation and cuisine; former executive chef at Westin Hotel Galleria in Dallas.

Robert Bifulco – Texas Chef’s Association

Cassondra Armstrong – The Healthy Chef
Master of Culinary Concepts

Katherine Clapner – Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Visionary of the Dude, Sweet concept, as well as chef and co-owner of the company

Roe DiLeo – Henry’s Majestic

Regardless of where you live, do you attend your local or state fair?  Have you ever won a baking or cooking competition?  Do you have favorite memories around fair food (eating foods at the fair, competing in cooking or baking competitions, memories of relatives competing or winning)?  We would love to hear your favorite stories in the comments below!

And you can always save and share your favorite recipes digitally right here in your own online cookbook at Dish Dish.


Moms Save Money and Win $150 WalMart Gift Card



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Don’t we all wish that we could influence the lowering of prices on products we purchase?  Seriously!  Saving money is a great feeling, and how much better to do it socially with your favorite group of moms?  Dropprice is providing this sort of option; with the simple click of a button, and by sharing the price drop with other moms, prices are dropped even lower, providing better deals on the products moms (and dads) are purchasing for themselves and their kids every day.  We love sharing new ways for families to save money and have fun saving at the same time.  (Scroll all the way down to enter the giveaway for $150 Wal-Mart gift card!)

Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them on social media. See the chart below to understand the power moms have and how important it is to share with other moms.

Price Chart (1)In today’s promotion for the Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Elephant, it started out at $44.99 and for each mom that clicks, the price drops a bit. The price will continue to drop for each mom that participates until it reaches $20.00 (56% off).

Featured Product (1)


You can choose to share on social media to get more moms to click “Drop the price”, or you can “Buy Now” at the current price. Keep in mind that when the price gets low, they usually sell out and you will no longer have the chance to buy that item. As an added bonus every item on Dropprice ships for free!

Do you want to give it a try?  This is such a fun and exciting way for moms to save lots of money by collaborating with each other. If you would like to have a chance to win a $150 Walmart gift card, you can experience dropping the price by following the instructions below.


Giveaway: Win one of four $150 Walmart Gift Cards

All you have to do is help moms drop the price of this 3-in-1 Elephant and you will be entered to win one of four $150 Walmart gift cards. Just click “Drop the price” on the entry form below for a chance to win. For even more entries, share it on your social media networks via the entry form — every time one of your friends also clicks to drop the price, you’ll automatically receive additional giveaway entries!

This Giveaway is valid for the United States Only and Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway event will end at 11:59 PM (EST) 10/20/15. The sponsors are each responsible for shipping of the above prizes and will contact the winners. No blog associated with this contests are responsible for prize fulfillment.  This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site.

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