Cookbook for Student Moving Out on their Own or College Graduate

Cookbook for College Students

Are you looking for the perfect unique gift for your college graduate?

Do you have a student or child moving out on their own?  Maybe they would enjoy having some simple recipes from home that they could make for themselves in their new place!

Are you a student settling into your own place for the first time, setting up a new kitchen and ready to organize favorite recipes online for easy access and sharing?

Create a free account and enter some favorite recipes that students and young adults can use when cooking for themselves or friends during this new stage of life.  The Dish Dish online cookbook service is a great tool to help students eat a little better and have some fun, too, experimenting with recipes they have always enjoyed.

If you’d rather have us type your recipes in for you, consider our Concierge Offer – with which we will type the recipes into your online cookbook for you (just submit them to us electronically or via mail) and you’ll receive our bamboo cutting board , as well, getting your student or graduate started off well in the kitchen.

Additionally, our iPad / iPhone app, Dish Dish Online Cookbook, makes it easier than ever to access recipes and the shopping list while in the kitchen or on the go.

Cookbook for the Bride-to-Be



bridal cookbook, digital cookbook for bride, bridal gift, wedding gift, Ready to prepare a personalized and unique cookbook for the bride-to-be?  Maybe planning to surprise her at a shower or event?

Recruit her friends and family to help compile an online cookbook with recipes they would like to share as she begins this new adventure in life!  With the family recipes all in one place, she can find them whenever she’s ready to cook or bake (without calling Grandma or Aunt Jane), add the ingredients to her electronic shopping list (which is always accessible from her mobile device), recalculate ingredients needed for the recipe with the touch of a button (i.e., to serve 2 instead of 8), and she and her friends can view each other’s recipe collections online, too!

Then, when it’s time for the bridal shower, or event, gift her the bamboo cutting board, elegantly wrapped, along with a card providing her login access to the recipe collection already set up for her.  Such a unique and fun gift idea for a foodie bride or to pass down the family heritage of recipes to the next generation.

Here’s How to set up a Recipe Collection for the Bride –

1. Set up a pro account (for only $19) with a username for the bride and a password (but use the email address of person setting up account for now — so the bride will not be aware of the surprise).

2. Invite friends and family of the bride to login to Dish Dish using that same username and password you created and enter the recipe(s) and/or photo(s) they want to share.

3. Once all recipes have been entered and the cookbook is ready to transfer to the bride, the bride can log in with the existing username and password and then update the profile under settings with her email address and a new password.

4. The pro account allows you to send in 20 RecipeUploads (simply take a picture or scan a recipe and email to us at which we will type in for you! (A great way to save time if one person is primarily entering all the recipes).

5. FREE bamboo cutting board – Contact us at to let us know you have started a cookbook for the bride-to-be and supply a mailing address for us to send a bamboo cutting board (pictured below) as a gift for the bride as well!

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This is also a great idea for pulling together family recipes when the children are leaving home or for grandchildren wishing they could make some of grandma’s recipes to share with their children.  And our iPad / iPhone app makes it super easy to keep up with recipes and shopping lists while on the go!



Recipe Contest

Welcome to our latest contest!

Email your most favorite recipe to us ( …. you know, the one you always choose to make for special events or the one recipe that people are always asking you to share. 

When you save those special recipes to your online cookbook account here at Dish Dish, you can find them every time you need them, scale them to size for a group, add ingredients to your grocery list, and easily share with friends whether at home or on the go.


We are excited to feature your recipe on Dish Dish, and enter your name for a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.  Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your favorite recipes! 

Winner will be announced on Facebook.

 7/31/12 —  Congratulations to Ellen Eisinberg, winner of our recipe contest!

Concierge Offer

We are pleased to announce a new Concierge Offer (valued at $50)!  For a limited time, for only $25, you can take advantage of this service and we will:

  • Set up your account for you
  • Enter 30 of your recipes (which you can mail, email, or fax to us) into your online cookbook
  • Send you a beautiful bamboo Dish Dish cutting board ($20 value)
  • Return your recipes to you (if you mailed them to us)
  • Provide you with pro account access (unique printing options, menu card and recipe card templates, menu planner, option for multiple photos with recipes, discounted pricing if you want us to add additional recipes for you, and option to add videos to your recipes) for one whole year!

Get your offer now!

Dish Dish cutting board

Press Release – Dish Dish Site Launch


Dish Dish launches a new online cookbook website

DishDish.US is the newest site for gathering recipes into a personal online cookbook, leaving behind the drawer or cabinet full of recipe cards and stained printouts.  Dish Dish allows users to enter their own recipes and photos, share those recipes with friends or keep them private, robustly search their personal cookbook or all shared recipes on the site, easily multiply or shrink a recipe for groups, create shopping lists and menus, search an exhaustive substitutions list, and pull up recipes and shopping lists from any mobile device.

This uncluttered and user-friendly site offers cooks the chance to add their own recipes, old or new, exactly the way they like to prepare them, complete with their own photos, and a section to add notes or comments.  Additionally, users can edit their recipes at any time and add other users’ recipes to their personal cookbook along with revising or personalizing them.

Signing up and getting started with an online cookbook at DishDish.US is incredibly easy.  Simply go to the website to set up an account and start entering recipes right away.  Dish Dish is also looking for advertisers targeting those who are cooking at home, planning meals, and looking for ways to simplify their kitchens.

About Dish Dish LLC
Dish Dish LLC was formed in 2011 after owner Melanie Carr grew tired of the stacks of printed papers, torn-out pages, stained cards, bookmarked websites, and worn-out cookbook pages that made up her recipe collection.  It was difficult to find specific recipes or to remember where to locate the last great recipe she had tried.  And sharing those recipes was cumbersome, always requiring a hand-written card, typed page or email, or yet another printed page.  She explored various recipe and cookbook websites, concluding that none of them had the robust functionality she desired.  So Dish Dish was born; providing a place for home cooks to organize, access, and share their recipes easily.

Contact Information:
Dish Dish LLC
1221 Flower Mound Rd, Ste 320-173
Flower Mound, TX 75028


Getting Started with Dish Dish

Have you set up your free account with Dish Dish?

You can set up your Pro Account (and use our Recipe Import Tool to save recipes from across the web) for less than $2/month!  Sign up today and see how to make great use of these recipe organizing features.

Let us show you quickly how to get started with Dish Dish, saving and organizing your favorite recipes in an online cookbook.

Not sure of the various functions available to you or how to make the best use of them?

Check out this overview of features for both free and pro account users.